BGFG Events is about alignment and evolution. Through our sister company, the Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo, we have been planning social impact events, from intimate receptions to large scale parties, for 5+ years.

Years of relationship building has allowed us to develop an extensive network of social enterprises, diverse suppliers, and service providers. Through this network we are able to source every aspect of a successful event from socially and environmentally responsible partners.

Not surprisingly, people took notice. Our social impact events were thoughtful, carefully executed and a meaningful reflection of our values. We were constantly asked “how did you find this?” As the requests for socially responsible event planning grew, we decided it was time to share our event planning skills.


Whether your corporate goal is to champion the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, reduce climate change emissions, or increase supplier diversity and inclusion, choosing to work with BGFG Events puts your goals into action. We translate your corporate values into events you can be proud of.

All of our suppliers are drawn from our carefully curated networks, which favours diverse suppliers, fair trade certified businesses and organisations that put people and the planet first. Your event is guaranteed to benefit communities both at home and abroad while positioning you as a leader in supplier diversity and sustainability.





Rafik Riad has worked globally on international development and poverty reduction programs led by organisations such as the Danish Agency for International Development (DANIDA), the European Union and the UK Department for International Development (UKDfID).

Rafik’s appreciation for social enterprise as a business model that circumvents both the volatility of traditional development frameworks and the shortcomings of conventional corporate models led him to found the Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo in 2014. Today BGFG is North America’s largest marketplace dedicated to elevating social enterprises from around the world and connecting them with retailer buyers and consumers. In 2018, Rafik founded BGFG Events to further support social enterprises and connect corporations with suppliers that align with their corporate values.